5th generation of a telecom network by snapdragon


*****Qualcomm’s long march towards 5G took a few steps closer to reality today, as the company has announced that it has completed its first test of a 5G connection on a mobile device. The test was completed using the X50 5G modem first announced a year ago and was performed on the 28GHz millimeter wave frequency band. Qualcomm says the modem achieved gigabit speeds in this test, but it is capable of 5Gbps speeds once full 5G deployments are completed.
In addition, Qualcomm announced its first 5G smartphone reference design, which it will use to test 5G modems, radios, and networks with smartphone makers over the next year or two as they prepare to release 5G-compatible smartphones in the first half of 2019. The reference design is 9mm thick and features an edge-to-edge display, like many current smartphones available today have.
so we expect that 5g will be available in next few years and the snapdragon first are those processor which is having a capablities for running of a smooth 5g network 

and also jio will be test 5g network in  next few years 

we have to just wait for it  

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