PhonePe Launches Calculator-like Smart POS Device, Works Without Internet Jagmeet Singh, 31 October 2017

Phone pe launches smart pos device

  • PhonePe is offering the new POS device free to merchants
  • The POS devices uses Bluetooth to establish connection with smartphones
  • The company is piloting the device in Bengaluru
PhonePe has launched its smart POS (Point of Sale) device for merchant partners in India. Sporting the looks of a traditional calculator, the device is available for free to merchants - against a security deposit. It comes with an all-new technology that supports transactions over a Bluetooth connection instead of using active data connectivity.
The new POS device by PhonePe requires a smartphone with the PhonePe app to process transactions, without requiring any third-party hardware or software. The merchant enters the transaction amount through the physical keys of the device and records the same by hitting the giant PhonePe button. Once the transaction is recorded, customers need to bring their phone close to the POS device to establish a wireless connection. This will push the transaction details to the PhonePe app that could be verified and paid using a preferred payment mode.

As the payments proceed through the native PhonePe interface, merchants can abort the transactions in the middle. Also, consumers will get an update whether the last transaction succeeded or failed on their mobile devices.

The POS device works with AA batteries that are claimed to provide power for 8-12 months. Further, since the hardware uses Bluetooth connectivity, it can enable payments through all the mobile devices that can access the PhonePe app.

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