Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s Image Leaks, Shows an iPhone X-Like Notch

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s Image Leaks, Shows an iPhone X-Like Notch


  • Mi MIX 2s believed to be Mi MIX 2's upgrade
  • Alleged Mi MIX 2s leaked with an iPhone X-like notch
  • The smartphone said to sport bezel-less display

Xaiomi may have already started working on its third-generation Mi MIX edge-to-edge display smartphone. If a new image surfaced online is to be believed then the next Mi MIX smartphone will sport an iPhone X-like notch. Chinese Twitter equivalent Weibo has some images purportedly claiming to show the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s which can be expected to be an upgrade of some sort to the current mi mix 2

The leaked images further tip that the next Mi MIX smartphone will retain the highlight of the series which is bezel-less smartphone. Much like the iPhone X, the notch at the top, however, looks weird. The leaked images hint that the alleged Mi MIX 2s will include the sensors, earpiece, and front camera in the notch at the top. Unfortunately, there's no information on the anticipated Mi MIX 2s handset at the moment. 
we can expect the edge-to-edge displays play major role in upcoming smartphones. It's a little surprising Xiaomi would take this route however. While many of its designs arguably copy Apple shamelessly, it has taken great pride in pointing out the innovative design of the Mi MIX series. At its launch events, both in China and India, the company also spoke about how it avoided the notch on its smartphone with decisions like an ultrasonic proximity sensor, the 'hidden sound-guided speaker', and of course, the front facing camera being placed on the bottom lip of the smartphone.
Of course, as with all rumours and leaks, we advise readers to take the above information about the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s with a pinch of salt, as Xiaomi has yet to make any announcements about its new flagship smartphone and the credibility of the sources cannot be independently verified.

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